Corn on the Cob - Roasted

I love corn on the cob.  Anyway you make it -- boiled, steamed or roasted -- I love it.  My favorite though, is roasted on the grill, and here's a wonderful and easy way to grill corn on the cob. Be sure to use fresh corn in the husk and try to cook it within a couple of days of buying it.
  That's because the sugars in corn transform into tasteless starch within just a few days after being picked.

The keys to success: 1) soak the corn in water before cooking, 2) cook with the husk on, and 3) turn the corn often while cooking.

Soak the husked corn in water for 30 minutes.  Then place it on a pre-heated medium-high fire and cook for 20-25 minutes, turning about every 5-6 minutes.  Be sure to turn the corn or it will burn on that side.  Then again, a few dark kernels add a nice taste.

When the corn is done, shuck it and throw the husks away.  Some people like to leave the husks on, but that's up to you.  It's just easier to eat without the husk.  Put the corn in a pan or on a platter, and pour lots of melted, salted butter over it.  Serve, and everyone will love the sweet, succulent corn on the cob.  This is an easy recipe and does not fail!

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