Merlin's Magic BBQ

Checking brisket on a king-size smoker.

You'll find recipes for authentic low and slow barbecue ribs, brisket, pulled pork, chicken, turkey and fish.  Dry rubs, injection marinades, mops and sauces, and a few recipes for smoking on a gas grill. 

 You will only find Barbecue recipes here.  We don't do "grilling".  And these are Amazing recipes -- some quick and easy and some need serious coaching. Look for the 'Keys to Success' on many of them for a quick summary of key steps.

Grilling vs Barbecue
There's a difference between 'grilling' and 'barbecue'.  Grilling is cooking directly over heat or open flame and is the best way to cook steaks, pork chops, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.

 Authentic Barbecue uses indirect heat and can take from a few hours to a full day of low and slow cooking.  Low heat and very slow cooking. This is the way to create incredible lip-smacking ribs, pulled pork, chicken or brisket.  This is "smoking" at its best -- great wood flavors infused into the meat over time. Check out the recipes.

There are several varieties of smoker fuels:  charcoal, wood, electric and pellets.  Also gas grills can be used as a smoker with a little education.  I use pellet smokers because of the convenience and great results.   My grills are a Traeger Texas and a Memphis Pro. 

Authentic barbecue takes patience, but well worth the effort for a delicious lip-smacking meal.  To make amazing barbecue (not just "really good") you'll use one or more of: smoke, injected marinade, dry rubs, sauces, mops and patience.  If you don't already use some or all of these, then start now.  See the recipes.  There is a difference!

Let us know what you think. And be prepared for kudos and compliments from your guests.  You'll put restaurants to shame.

Buen Provecho!

Cliff "Merlin" Kolber 

Spatchcock Chicken

 I've been grilling chicken for longer than I care to remember.  Only recently did I discover what I consider the best way to cook poultry -- Spatchcock!

Bean Casserole Side Dish

This is a great bean dinner and works amazingly well as a side dish for Barbecue meals.  Fairly easy to prepare and a great option to baked beans!

Turkey on Rotisserie - Gas Grill

I've cooked turkeys on the grill and on the rotisserie.  Hands down, rotisserie is the way to go if you have one!  The meat comes out so incredibly moist and tasty, more so than on the grill. Here's the way I rotisseried two 17 lb. turkeys for Thanksgiving.  (Editor's Note: I like smoking turkey the best, but if you do not have a smoker, rotisserie or grilling is amazing!)

Sausage on the smoker

Use any type of link sausage -- pork, brats, etc.  I especially like Aidells brand Chicken and Apple sausage from Costco - they have a drop of spice along with the sweet taste of apple.

Brisket Dry Rub

My brisket rub is fairly simple but delicious. This recipe compliments the meat and brings out the great brisket flavor. You can obviously adjust or add ingredients to create your own rub, but this one really works great. 

Solterito - Peruvian Appetizer

Solterito is an amazing Peruvian appetizer.  It is served cold and a big crowd pleaser!  It is not only tasty, simple, refreshing and healthy but a well deserved conversation piece.