Beer Can Chicken

This is a fun way to cook chicken. If you like chicken, you have got to make Beer Can Chicken at least once!  All it takes is a barbecue grill, a whole chicken, a chicken holder, a can of beer, and some dry rub or spices.

There are all kinds of chicken roasters you can buy that substitute for the beer can, but really, either use just a beer can or buy the cheap can holders (about $5).  The roaster helps immensely when taking the chicken off the can. Wine even works well!

The ingredients for this recipe are:
          (1) whole 5 lb. chicken
          (1) 12 oz beer can
           6 oz of beer or wine
          (2) tablespoons spices or rub - to mix in beer
          More spices or dry rub - to put on the chicken

Make sure the grill you are cooking in is tall enough for a chicken to "stand up" with the cover closed.  Drink half the beer since all you need is 6 oz (half a can) to cook with. Use a can opener and remove the top of the can entirely.  Stir 2 tablespoons spices or rub into the beer.  Apply more rub liberally to the chicken, including inside the cavity.  Don't be afraid to saturate the chicken with the rub.  The more the tastier.

Now, place the can, or roaster, on a cookie sheet.  With the legs on the bottom gently slide the chicken over the can.  Now lift the whole thing, the chicken and the can, and place it on the grill.  Position the legs like a tripod, spread out to hold the chicken upright. Make sure it is stable before letting go.  If you're using a roaster this step is a lot easier.

Cook the chicken using indirect heat.  On a gas grill, make sure the fire is on one side of the grill and the chicken on another.  Cook with the cover closed.  If you are using a gas grill rotate the chicken 180 degrees every 30 minutes to get even heat.  Otherwise, in a smoker the heat should cook evenly.

On a gas grill, if you want a good smoked flavor, use a smoker box (or wrap the wood in foil) and smoke for the first 30-60 minutes of cooking.  Just place the box or foil wrapped wood on the grate above the flames.

Maintain a temperature of around 325F.  When the coldest part of the chicken (between the leg and thigh) reaches 165F the bird is ready.  A 5 lb bird should take 1.5 to 2 hours. Let the chicken rest at least 10-15 minutes before removing the can.  It will still be hot with liquid so be careful! If you cook ahead of time, reheat in a 200F oven for 30 minutes.

Buen Provecho!

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